Early 1900 accounts of life in rural, southern Georgia
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William Connell Killed By Posse

May 23, 1895 / Montgomery Co., GA

William Connell was accused of killing a sheriff. He was caught, shot, & left on the side of the road - as printed in the The Macon Telegraph; Macon, Georgia.

George Harris Frightens Woman

Jun 15, 1895 / Dublin, GA

George Harris was lynched after frightening a white woman on her family's farm, as he was nude - as printed in the The Macon Telegraph; Macon, Georgia.

Matt Mason Lynched In Courtroom

Aug 08, 1897 / Glenwood, GA

Matt Mason was accused of attempted rape. He was killed in a packed courtroom - as printed in the Americus Times-Recorder; Americus, Georgia.

Frank Earle Robs Station

Jul 26, 1901 / Vidalia, GA

Frank Earle was accussed of robbing a railway station. He was caught & killed - as printed in the The Macon Telegraph; Macon, Georgia.

Jim Toler Shot & Killed By Mob

Aug 11, 1910 / Montgomery Co., GA

A mob shoots and kills a man accused of breaking & entering a prominent farmer's house & daughter's bedroom - as printed by the Vienna News; Vienna, Georgia.

Jesse Stater Shot For Insult Letter

Nov 10, 1910 / Quitman, GA

Jesse Stater was taken from his home & shot for allegedly sending an insulting letter to a white woman - as printed in the Atlanta Constitution; Atlanta, Georgia.

McDonald Brothers Shot

Mar 04, 1913 / Quitman, GA

Two black men, who reportedly shot at a white man's house, are broken out of jail and shot - as printed by the Atlanta Constitution; Atlanta, Georgia.

S.S. Mincey Abducted

Jul 29, 1930 / Mount Vernon, GA

Georgia county Republican chairman tells of abduction & beating by masked and robed men - as printed in The Courier-Journal; Louisville, Kentucky.

Mayor Shot On Manhunt

Sep 04, 1937 / Mount Vernon, GA

Will Kirby was shot & killed while Mayor John W. Underwood wounded by exchange of gunfire - as printed in the Democrat and Chronicle; Rochester, New York.