About Us

The mission, vision, & fundamentals

The Mission

Creating something accessible, yet interesting and interactive was the number one priority once it was decided to build a website for the African-American McRae family genealogy. The design, flow, audio, interesting tidbits, and uniqueness were all considered when planning this endeavor. The end result is something that provides an eye opening look at the life and times of African-Americans dating back to the days of slavery, the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, Vietnam, and the Cold War.

This website uses a timeline feature to create a descendant narrative report. The timeline is interactive and guides the user to engage with various links and media in order to find out about a person's life, interesting facts or events, marriages, children, and death. Each engagement is designed to give relevant information to an associated person and his/her family members. The site is responsive on smartphones & tablets.

The Family

The descendants of Moses McRae trace their lineage all the way back to slavery, to their Scottish-American slave owners, to the father of Moses McRae who was born in Africa but forced through the door of no return, somewhere, in West Africa. From North Carolina, the McRaes migrated to the Montgomery County, Georgia area.