An interactive timeline of the descendants of Moses McRae

P roject McRae revisits history to shed light on relatives and ancestors from the African-American McRae lineage of Montgomery Co., GA. It tries to trace its heritage as far back as possible, with the eventual reveal of the forebearer who made the brutal and cruel trip from somewhere in west Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean, to their destination in the southeast, coastal U.S. From there the path in America began anew and spread to many different states, cities, and towns.

Many days and hours were spent bringing this project to life. With each year and generation researched, important and unknown information consistently coming to light, some tragic and some heartwarming. The goal is to educate and enlighten the people of the McRae bloodline as well as to try and correct any inaccuracies that may or may not be known. This project also traces the history of the Scottish plantation owners from which the surname McRae originates and thus given to slaves. Hopefully this project enlightens the kinsfolks spirit.